Carnival–Independence Weekend

Carnival–Independence Weekend

So, I’m sorry for yet again not blogging on time!!! But, the reason this time is that…I’m home. Which is good I suppose…Either way, since I have a snow day tomorrow, I shall be blogging what I did not before:) Enjoy!

These are photos from the Independence Day Celebration Carnival Parade. It was the STRANGEST parade ever! First off, It was 3 hours late…second it lasted about 8 minutes, and consisted of basically, 1 school, 2 “floats” and some crazy Dominicans dressing up!(; 

The pics came out well though, so I hope you like em!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the STRANGEST parade ever! Coming from New Orleans…and use to those parades, yes…did was indeed strange. But I love it, carnival is always fun! Great pics, and lovely costumes!

    • I like to describe the parade as fantastically bizarre!(: All that really mattered from the parade was that the locals loved it, so it made you fall in love with it too!(;
      And I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans…it sounds like a blast around Mardi Gras! Thanks for all of your support!(:

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