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Cooking and Eating of the Sea Bass(:


It was DELICIOUS! (and I’m not much of a fish person)

Who knew Sea Bass was SO good?(;


Fish Market


Today, we went to the fish market to get a Dorado for dinner, and a special one at that!(Its my grandma’s birthday…) When we got there though, we found out there was no Dorado:( So then we had to search for something else… finally we¬†chose a Sea Bass. (After a lil’ negotiating…luckily we have my Grandma to do it for us!(;) Of course, as soon as we were done buying the fish, a boat came in filled with Dorado…which is usually how it goes(; Hopefully, the Sea Bass will be just as good!

The Fish Market

The Negotiation...

Still Negotiating...

Our Pick...A Sea Bass

Lighting up before filleting...


Bagging up our fish