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Fish Market


Today, we went to the fish market to get a Dorado for dinner, and a special one at that!(Its my grandma’s birthday…) When we got there though, we found out there was no Dorado:( So then we had to search for something else… finally we chose a Sea Bass. (After a lil’ negotiating…luckily we have my Grandma to do it for us!(;) Of course, as soon as we were done buying the fish, a boat came in filled with Dorado…which is usually how it goes(; Hopefully, the Sea Bass will be just as good!

The Fish Market

The Negotiation...

Still Negotiating...

Our Pick...A Sea Bass

Lighting up before filleting...


Bagging up our fish



Underwater Camera


The first time I traveled to the DR, I was in 4th grade. At the time, all of the reefs were thriving, colorful, and as though they were straight out a Disney movie. This year however, I am a sophomore in High School, and I have found 1 reef that isn’t completely dead. It is totally depressing, but I thought that maybe for those who may not get a chance to EVER see the little life we have in our reefs now, should see the below photos, because if we keep losing reef life like this, there will be none left pretty soon. 

Small School of Silver Fish, Kinda hard to see...

Brain Coral, still alive from the first time I was in the DR, barely making it...