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Ziplining in Samana


First off, sorry for neglecting my blogging duties…there was some sort of electrical problem, causing us to lose a router for wireless. 

Anyways…I’m back and ready to share with you all the most AMAZING experience of my life. Yesterday, we went zip-lining, 1000 feet above the trees. There were 12 “stations” and it seemed that we loosened up as we went. I never actually turned over, but my 11 and 9 year old sisters were much braver than me, and did. I really can’t explain how AMAZING it all was, but hopefully these pictures help paint a better picture for everyone(; I probably will have more that I get from other cameras, etc. so there will be more to come! Enjoy!

"Zip Line"

Me, White Knuckles and all, Headed to First Station(;

Looking Back at the Start...I MADE IT! (;

Looking Down (a much lower station)

Someone Starting the Zip Line Above Our Current Station (They are 1000 feet above the trees)

View on Zip Line

Looking down (sorry for camera strap!(; )

My Dad Upside-Down, (I'll have to find the more pics of people doing tricks)

 This was all so amazing! If your in the area,(Around Samana, Dominican Republic),  I highly recommend visiting “Walk the Plank Zipline Tour of Sanama,” http://walktheplankzipline.com, it is truly an incredible experience.

Now for my thank-yous:

Thanks to my Grandparents for bringing us here as a Christmas gift!

Thanks to “Walk the Plank Zipline Tour of Sanama” 

And a SPECIAL SPECIAL THANKS to Alfredo and Alex, you guys were SO GREAT! Hope to see you again soon! (: